Tree是因为所有的数 据被存储在树形结构中,Magic 是因为它自动实现了渗透测试过程中最繁琐、最枯燥的部分-数据管理和测试报告。


1.MagicTree 1.2 is available for download. New features in this release:
2.Metasploit XML import (issue #228)
3.Support "critical" severity from Nessus 5 (issue #254)
XSLT export. MagicTree data can now be exported as arbitrary
XML. An XSLT for nmap-format export is provided. Use case:
merge multiple nmap files, then export as one file to use in Nessus
scan (issue #77)
4.Importing exploitability data from Nessus
5.Added "Save file as..." button to XML file view